Research & Development


Research & Development activities represent the main direction for INAV, that's why we are continuously participating to the National R&D Project Competitions. The institute is developing a series of projects in direct coordination of different research multidisciplinary consortiums. INAV's expertise and innovation is valued by other research entities, which are often collaborating with our institute on their projects.

In the development of these projects we are filling the gap of applicative research in aerospace.



INAV has a long history in aircraft development. Due to our involvement in high complex projects as IAR 93 (first Romanian jet fighter in collaboration with ex-Yugoslavia) and IAR 99 (first Romanian jet trainer), our research personnel has extensive expertise in areas as:

- Structure

- Aerodynamics, stability, performances

- Hydraulics

Portfolio of projects



Starting with the year 2000, national research programs included Security in the main research directions, with consistent budgets. INAV participated in these project competitions and won several grants as coordinator. The projects developed by us are mainly in the direction of intelligence gathering from air by using the UASs.

Due to our experience in project management, composite materials and CAD, we established powerful consortiums with valuable partners as National Defense University "Carol I" and National Institute for Aerospace Research "Elie Carafoli".

The results were a series of unmanned aerial systems demonstrators.

Portfolio of projects



INAV developed a series of projects mainly for environment protection and green energy production. The results of these projects are extensively used in commercial contracts.

Portfolio of projects