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The project INTEGRATED SECURITY SYSTEM BASED ON A AERIAL PLATFORM FOR CRITICAL AREAS PROTECTION, acronym SISAERO elaborated a specialized security technique in order to obtain a surveillance system based on:


The project obtained real time images, risk elements identification using image processing techniques, implemented warnings for the system operator and peculiar interest data communication.


The vector operates in remote controlled flight configuration, but also with autonomous capabilities using an autopilot. Operational range for remote control mode is 3 km. For wider distances, the vector is commanded by telemetry link or it follows a pre-established flight plan. The acquired information (video) is transmitted to the ground in real time if its in a range of 3 km radius. If the range is over 3 km, the information is stocked onboard and downloaded after landing.


Based on the specific tactical & technical operation demands and current norms, main elements vital for the system as the detailed configuration, equipments, integrated hardware and software components were defined. The system is operational daytime and night time (IR).


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